The right selection of valves for the improvement and sustainability of SAGD

Valves and Fittings

There are lots of discussions about Instrument valve from Kp-Lok. Most companies have funded different studies on the assessment of life cycle of bitumen which are obtained from fuel as well as the study of energy efficiency SAGD, while assessing the effect of the increment of water recycling, thermal in-situ water conservation, zero discharge on the usage of energy, the emission of greenhouse gases, the generation of waste in the production of bitumen etc. the recycling of water is a major component which is used by SAGD for the production of bitumen. This is because of the tradeoff between the emissions and recycling of water and this depends largely on the water quality as well as the method used for the treatment of the water. The value of emission when compared to the usage of water and quality of air would influence the decision of technology selection by operators along with safety, reliability of plant as well as capital cost operability.

Some of the technologies which are used for De-Oiling in SAGD include the following:

  • Blowdown evaporation
  • Evaporator technology
  • Warm lime softening
  • Using ceramic membrane for water treatment
  • Different kinds of SAGD filters

The valves which are used in the SAGD plants go via slurries, this system has two different phases which comprise of tiny particles in the liquid and are conveyed along in the liquid. Particles with medium sizes range in size from fly ash to lumps of solids. The hardness as well as shapes of the solid particles is significant when related to the damage. The velocity of the slurry particles is usually very close to that of the liquid which cause damage in the piping systems. The designers that design the pipe would adopt a maximum which will allow average velocity for the lines but the valve won’t be able to escape the danger because restriction and throttling are in the operation and design of the valve. The velocity which is very high tends to erode the component of the valve but the ones which are very low can facilitate the settling within the valve.

It is also essential to note the angle of impact of slurry particles. This would provide a common experience about the outer-part of an elbow which is faster than the straight pipelines. In addition to that, a passage which has a sharp curve in the body of the valve will wear at a faster rate when compared with water ways which are straight.

The choice of material is also essential when determining how to resist slurry damage. The valve design is also essential, and the concept of the design likewise include the general kind of configuration present in the valve but likewise the smallest details of each and every internal component and area of the valve.

Another thing which can be used for the determination of the life of valve on slurry service is the location of the valve in proximity to the restriction as well as changes in the direction of the piping.

Valve types

Slurry services are one of the major applications of these valves and some of them include pinch valve, plug valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve as well as ball valve. The knife gate likewise helps in the provision of a tight closure on the lower part of the pressure slurries so as to prevent the process of collecting solids in the interior part. The valve which is regarded to be simple likewise has PTFE lining within a metal plug valve and will serve both functions i.e. as a sealing and bearing surface. The attribute of the lining is good resiliency, and it will also seal a cylindrical plug and keep the particles out of the top or bottom cavities.


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